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From Studying Chimps, a Theory on Cooking

“Our ancestors were able to evolve because cooked foods were richer, healthier and required less eating time – Dr. Richard Wrangham’s ideas sound against the grain of modern health eating ideal.Cooked foods healthier? We used to eat raw meat, which was certainly rougher.


But Dr. Wrangham doesn’t circumscribe his evolutionary ideas to meat. In any case, I’m deeply fascinated by the idea of jumping out of a tree and all of a sudden (not so suddenly, but geologically, yes) becoming full-fledged us.


I am not foolish enough to think we are any sort of marvel of sophistication in ideal humanistic terms, but if you think purely in terms of evolution, it is ridiculously important that one species as wimpy as us became the quasi-masters of nature. Or the idiotic mass trying to do so.

Nice article as, again, food for thought.


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