Old-fashioned feminists still celebrate women’s brains

Only 10 months ago, Mrs. Obama was described as an angry black woman by some conservatives and as a liability to her husband. Now, she is widely admired for her warmth, and her vibrant and accessible manner, and her race seems almost an afterthought to many Americans. She has the highest favorability ratings of any incoming first lady since 1980, and is even more popular than the president.


Reads the NYTimes today. That is, when Mrs. Obama was being ‘strong’ she was seem as simply ‘bitchy’, and even worse, a bitchy ‘shorty’ yelling when she could simply talk with some hint of civilization. Now she gardens vegetables, and talks about taking care of the kids. Now America loves her.


I was born when “old-fashion” feminism, i.e. the ‘angry’ type (should I say bitchy, or maybe dykish) was just dying out, giving way to yuppism and the celebration of masculinity in the form of money power. Flower power giving way to money power. Or perhaps coke powder.




In any case, I feel attached to the ghost of ideals past. I have a Darwinian perspective to feminism: women and men are simply human beings with different bodies which grow to complement each other’s reproductive functions.  This is called sexual dimorphism, I just learnt. Female and male bodies have essentially the same matrix (think men’s nipples/resquicial breasts and women’s clitories/resquicial penises). The same way their differentiations help continue the species, the differences resultant from these differentiations should also help bring more completeness to another of human necessities and achievements: society.


Voila. Simple as that.



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