The 40 years since Elvis came back

In June of 1968 Elvis Presley purportedly saved his career by performing his sexy Rebel with no Cause act for an audience of almost anachronistically well-behaved ladies. “The Special, sponsored by Singer Sewing Machines and aired by NBC in December, was the first time that Elvis had performed in front of a live audience in 7 years” – informs PRNewswire. Nobody could tell. Elvis was sharp. The only excesses showing at this point were talent, charisma, and testosterone. A 33 year-old sex god – laying the grounds for the increasing explicitness of Madonna, Britney Spears, and 50 Cent.

The performance combined the appeal of ‘ temperature rising’ with the American dream of sweethearts getting married in the groove of Gospel music. Before nightclubbing and one-night stands entangled with mainstream fashion and music trends, Elvis brought sex fantasies to the life of Singer Sewing Machine customers… One can laugh to death of their blushed faces and restrained body language, their gaze glued onto his figure and swing.

By looking at the fate of his contemporary knockouts, I wonder if this mix was the reason he has been considered ‘The King’. The biggest marketing deal indeed: selling the fetish of life and chastity – preaching with fervor each single part of it, with the occasional mocking smile.


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